Tournaments, Leagues and Competitions

Hello and welcome!

We are glad to announce we’ve been working hard in the background to bring to you organised gaming competitions, leagues and tournaments.

We’re getting close to releasing schedules and full details but in the meantime stay tuned for future announcements while we finalise interest and other gaming aspects for the hosting competitions.

We’ll be hosting and organising schedule competitions in various categories throughout the season for all to enjoy no matter the skill level or gaming preference.
There will be games of old and new, online and local, different genres and game types to suit your taste.

At this point of time there’s no restriction on how many competitions you may enter or simultaneously register for but rules and regulations will be stated and agreed upon before proceeding that are the same for all entrants.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook for other details and news!

Otherwise we look forward to seeing you soon!
Happy gaming!